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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Office of Deacon                              
The Word Deacon Defined                                       
Historical Support                                                   
The Qualifications for the Office                              
The Ordination                                                        

Chapter 2:  The Deacon is a Servant Leader         
Jesus our Model                                                     
Spiritual Disciplines                                                
Taking Up your Cross                                            

Chapter 3:  The Bigger Picture of the Role of the                  Deacon                                                 
Your Kingdom Come                                             
Making Room                                                        

Chapter 4: The Deacon an Administrator              

Chapter 5:  The Deacon’s Work                            
In the Community of Faith                                     
In the Community at Large                                     
To the Ends of the Earth  the qualifications of the deacon, the servant, the work, the administrator, qualifications of the deacon                               

The Deacon’s Work

The word ‘group’ that defines the word ‘deacon’ gives us some idea of the work to be done by those who wait on tables. When you examine the qualifications of the offices of elder and deacon, one striking contrast is the call to the elder “to be able to teach” while the deacon is teaching as he fulfills his duties. The formal teaching and preaching ministries, along with the ministry of prayer, are an area of primary responsibility of the elder (1 Tim 3:2). Our case study and the lack of details outside of the snippet in Acts means that no clear details exist mandating the x, y, and z duties to the office of deacon. The works to be done are duties assigned by the elders and those duties are to be done as God directs by His word. the qualifications of the deacon, the servant, the work, the administrator, qualifications of the deacon, qualifications of the deacon, deacon

Qualifications of the Deacon